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Accelerate business expansion and unlock the full potential of your company with our SBA loan program.

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10 - 30 Years
Loan Term
1 Month after approval
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Up to $5M
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Are you a small business owner struggling to obtain the credit you need? Do traditional lenders turn you away due to a lack of collateral or credit history? It can feel like an uphill battle trying to secure funding for your business.

Tailored for small businesses

Access credit solutions tailored for small businesses. Benefit from our government-backed guarantee, enabling lenders to approve loans starting at $100K. Enjoy flexible repayment terms and secure the funds needed to expand and grow your business.

Customized loan Solutions

At Sencha, we recognize the vital role that small businesses play in our economy. Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs like you with affordable and accessible financing solutions. Don't let credit or collateral limitations hinder your progress any longer.

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