Bridging Traditional and Decentralized Finance.

Onboard to Decentralized Finance with ease and offer increased benefits to your customers. We do the heavy lifting!

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Access DeFi Stable Coin Opportunities

DeFi yields are much higher than what is currently being offered by treasury bonds. DeFi stablecoin yields are around 8% annually in comparison to the 2% offered by treasury bonds. Sencha allows for easy onboarding of your money into stablecoins through a whitelisted non-custodial MPC wallet which provides your institution with the necessary security, compliance, and ease of use needed. Interested in other use cases beyond yield such as borrowing, tokenization, or much more use cases? Sencha can help.

No crypto knowledge? No problem?

Sencha helps to simplify decentralized finance as Stripe did for payment processing. No knowledge of protocols or how DeFi works? No problem, Sencha performs due diligence/risk assessments on protocols to make sure institutional funds are safe. In addition, Sencha simplifies DeFi, making it a simple plug and play platform where we do the work on the backend while giving organizations an engaging UI/UX while providing desirable results.

Give Customers Acess to DeFi

Want to bridge the access to defi for your customers? With a robust API, Sencha gives your organization the ease of providing customers with defi access for a variety of use cases: high yield savings accounts, access to additional forms of borrowing, tokenization of assets, etc.

How it Works

Sencha’s user-friendly platform allows any financial organization to take advantage of DeFi pools. Whether it”s strictly the organization or providing new opportunities to customers, Sencha makes it easy.

Embed With Sencha

Sencha allows your organization to easily onboard users onto a single wallet with sub-accounts. Easily allow your customers to deposit and withdraw from DeFi pools.

Interact with Defi Protocols

Determine which DeFi protocols suit your organization. Access opportunities within DeFi and, as the space grows, more opportunities will be present on Sencha which allows your organization to unlock additional features for your customers.

Receive Education

We understand that the DeFi space can be confusing for those not immersed in the crypto space. We offer your organization both the support as well as the proper resources to get educated in DeFi in an intuitive and easily digestible way.

The Power of Sencha

Onboard with us and earn yields of up to 8%.

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