Free business credit monitoring.

We offer free business credit monitoring to help you stay informed about important changes to your business credit profile.
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Importance of business credit monitoring

Understanding how credit bureaus use data to assess your business's financial health is crucial for making informed decisions.
Check business credit score
Business credit
Checking your business credit
Know your business credit report
Understand your business credit score and report's contents to influence financial decisions.
Protect your business
Regularly monitor your report for alerts on potential fraudulent activities.
Supplier and customer checks
Verify partners' and suppliers' credit before engaging in business transactions.

Correcting business information

Keeping your business information accurate and updated prevents unfavorable decisions based on incorrect data.

Is business credit monitoring really free?

Learn about the benefits of free business credit monitoring with a Sencha credit account.
Business credit

What we monitor for

Change in days beyond terms (DBT)
Turn on lifetime monitoring alerts that keep you informed about changes.
Percent current change
Alerts for changes exceeding 5% in past due balances.
Severely delinquent accounts
Receive alerts for accounts that are 60 or 90 days past due.
Legal events
Stay informed about bankruptcy filings, judgments, and liens.
Receive alerts for accounts sent to collections.
Derogatory comments
Alerts for derogatory comments reported with trade lines.

Your business credit report summary

What is it?
Details of your business credit activities from major credit bureaus.
Contents of the report:
Business Information
DBA Name
Company Status
Employee Information
Financial Information
Industry Information
Legal Filings and Collections
Trade Payments
Who uses it?
Lenders and creditors refer to your business credit report for assessing risk.
Business credit

Additional insights

Business credit report breakdown
Understand credit scores, ratings, and key metrics that lenders use for credit assessment.
Changes to available scores and ratings
Stay updated on evolving metrics and algorithms for creditworthiness assessment.
New business events
Stay adaptable in a changing business landscape.
Access errors on your report
Address inaccuracies in your business credit report.
Better financial products
Recommendations to simplify the world of finance.
Active tradelines
Leveraging tradelines to improve credit standing.

Frequently asked questionsEverything you need to know about Sencha business credit monitoring

What Is my Sencha credit report summary?

Summary of your business credit score and details.

When can I get my business credit report?

You can order commercial business credit reports as often as needed.

Which credit bureaus does Sencha use?

We retrieve data from Dun & Bradstreet, Equifax, and Experian.

What information is in business credit report?

Explore various aspects including trade payment experiences, public records, and more.

What is the importance of business credit?

Separation of business and personal credit is essential for credibility and financial stability.

How do I get access to my business credit?

Sencha provides access and alerts for timely updates.