What is Sencha?

An API platform serving as the bridge for traditional finance into the world of decentralized finance!

What is the Problem?

Currently, Big banks already have the bandwidth to create teams in this space, but smaller fintechs, community banks and credit unions don’t have the proper resources to take advantage of these opportunities that decentralized finance can provide. With only 2.3 million active users, Not only are most people either unaware that decentralized finance exists, most are uneducated which makes them susceptible to scams or prevents them from taking advantage of such a lucrative opportunity. This also applies to financial institutions--as the intersection between technology and finance evolves, so must the infrastructure of pre-existing financial institutions. Decentralized finance is highly complex, not typically scalable, and requires knowledge that these smaller financial institutions don’t have currently.

What is the Solution?

With an API based platform, we can enable these institutions with easier, diligent and efficient access to decentralized finance applications. This results in higher yields through lending, different forms of borrowing made easier, capital for collateralized receivables made easier, and more as the space grows. In addition, we help these institutions extend these capabilities to their customers, empowering anyone to reach new financial heights. Just imagine a savings account that provides 5% in comparison to the measly .5% offered now, this is just the tip of the iceberg of how Sencha augments the existing situations.

How do I earn Higher Yield?

We do all the work for you!

All investments assume the risk of losses, market failures and defaults.

We work with over-collateralized loans. This means that borrowers must put up a larger amount than what they are borrowing for as collateral. We do the due dilligence on our end to ensure your money is safe.

We buy and lend stablecoins. These currencies are pegged to the US Dollar, meaning they don’t have the volatility of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin.

Who is this Product For?

We are offering this product to the roughly 5000 community banks and 5000 credit unions who have an accumulation over 5 trillion dollars in assets under management in the US alone. We also wish to offer this to institutions and small fintechs who wish to take advantage of this opportunity, and ultimately everyone! So we can all reach financial wellness and freedom.

Do you have more questions?

Contact us @ senchaemail@senchacredit.com