About Sencha

Our Mission: 🍃

For a long time now, the financial playing field has been unequal and this has especially affected marginalized communities. We have seen and experienced how a lack of financial knowledge, a lack of savings, inaccessibility to getting loans, and more can be detrimental to a person's financial wellness. My brother almost had to drop out of college due to his inability to acquire a loan, which was a combination of our family’s lack of financial knowledge, our mothers poor credit, and our lack of savings, and this problem is not unique to him or us.

Through Sencha we wish to solve issues like these. Financial structures built on the blockchain help to create a level playing field. There is better transparency, it’s permission-less, and its programmability allows for the creation of a multitude of solutions catered to any use case. Traditional finance has been hampered by lack of innovation and slow moving institutions. Because of blockchain, decentralized finance moves much quicker and its use cases are only limited by the imagination of developers.  And As the space develops, Sencha will be at the forefront of providing innovation to any institution.

The Team: 🤝

What does it do? 🤔

Sencha offers ways to onboard individuals to DeFi in an easy and intuitive fashion. We connect the existing world to the burgeoning DeFi world so that everyone can enjoy the power of DeFi. Start offering your customers access to the true powers of DeFi by integrating with us.


The Sencha Flow Chart: 🔁

Sencha Flow Chart