Our Mission 🍃

Decentralized Finance, or DeFi, is here to stay. There is no question about it--the emergence of this powerful new technology will radically change the way the financial world looks today; are you ready?

We know its confusing--but thats where we come in! We at Sencha do not believe that DeFi will replace traditional finance, rather, we believe that DeFi will augment the offerings of traditional finance while making the field more equitable for all. Allow us to be your bridge to the DeFi world through our interface.

So... how do you do it? 🤔

Sencha offers a highly intuitive and easy to use API for traditional financial firms to connect to the DeFi world and start reaping the benefits afforded through this technology; most notably the higher yields. We connect the existing world to the burgeoning DeFi world so that everyone can enjoy the power of DeFi. Start offering your customers access to the true powers of DeFi by integrating with us.

The Founders 🤝

Christopher Lamarre, Chief Executive Officer

Kristian Lamarre, Chief Operating Officer

Rishi Nair, Chief Product Officer

Sencha Flow Chart